Friday, January 30, 2009

Doctor Who: The Forgotten #6 and Vortex Loop

Doctor Who: The Forgotten #6
Doctor Who: The Forgotten #6, originally uploaded by monikalel42.

IDW comic book from January 2009, a great final issue to this six-part story. The cover is by Ben Templesmith, and the story is written by Tony Lee.

This comic book mentions the TARDIS component Vortex Loop, also my blog title!

Vortex Loop Timeline:
25 December 2005: interactive Doctor Who episode "Attack of the Graske" premieres, in which the Doctor names several TARDIS console components including the Vortex Loop. This episode is available for viewing at the BBC Doctor Who website.

2007: The term is defined in the Doctor Who Encyclopedia by Gary Russell

May 2008: I started writing my blog and named it the Vortex Loop

January 2009: Doctor Who The Forgotten #6 uses the term, the second time I've seen it in Doctor Who and the first time since I used it as a title.

I previously wrote about the first issue of the series here.

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