Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rose and the Doctor

Rose and the Doctor
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Rose Tyler and the Ninth Doctor action figures outside the Doctor Who TARDIS interior set. I got the tea-towel of the London Underground subway map on a visit to England in 2000.

I've been doing a lot of Twittering and Blipping lately, as well as watching, reading and writing about Doctor Who and Torchwood.  :)  I just started a new account to listen to music and am also listening to the local radio stations in San Francisco.  I'm now on summer vacation from City College, and will resume library classes there this fall.


Anonymous said...


Two things

1) I’d like your permission to (re)print your article on ‘Torchwood’for our website

2) I was hoping we could use your ‘scribing’ talent for our website.

The Best Shows Youre Not Watching (dot) com [all one word]
‘Torchwood’one of our featured shows. We’re hoping to round up a few people who can occasionally contribute perspective (via an article/blog) on the shows – maybe a recent episode, future direction, plot shortcomings etc.

What’s in it for you?
Primarily a larger audience back channeled to your blog. We don’t pay but the site has a lot of promise and we're pretty excited about getting it off the ground. Let me know what you think.


Monika E. Lewis said...

Sure, I'd like to contribute and help expand your coverage of science fiction like Torchwood and Doctor Who on the site. You may reprint my article as well and contact me further!