Monday, February 16, 2009

Reunion: A Doctor Who action figure story

An ongoing photoplay featuring the Doctor, Ace and K-9, and many more characters from Doctor Who, with action figures from Dapol and Character Options.

A selection of things from the set


Happy 45th Anniversary, Doctor Who!Ace and the Doctor go Back to WorkArrivalLost K-9
Three Doctors  

Dematerialization (1)

Dematerialization (1)  
Jack: Everyone's fading away! 
What's happening? 

The Doctor: It looks like they're being taken back to their proper places in time and space- except for us.

Martha: Jack! Doctor! Over here!

The Rescue (2)
The Rescue (2)
Doctor: What? Where did you come from?
Mickey: We were teleported into the TARDIS with Martha's Project Indigo gadget.
Martha: Come into the TARDIS before it dematerializes!
Jack: We'd better do as she says. Come on, Doctor!

The TARDIS dematerializes with the Doctor, Mickey, Martha and Jack on board.

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