Monday, February 23, 2009

Doctor Who: Mel and other Dapol Action Figures

Doctor Who: Mel Action Figure
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Doctor Who: Mel Action Figure Reverse Side

The Sixth and Seventh Doctor's companion Mel (Melanie Bush, played by Bonnie Langford in the 1980s)

An action figure made by Dapol, dated 1987.

Her name is similar to mine (my initials are MEL!) and I liked her adventures with the Doctor. I have only seen three companions from the classic series Dapol figures, Ace, K9 and Mel. They also produced the Third, Fourth and Seventh Doctors (with statues of the First and Second Doctors), The Master, Davros, lots of Daleks, Cybermen, monsters and aliens, Time Lords, a TARDIS, and TARDIS interior set. This site has a list of the Doctor Who Dapol releases:

These are some other Doctor Who Dapol action figures in my collection:

The Seventh Doctor, Ace, and Daleks

The Master and the Doctor

The Master and the Fourth Doctor


K9 (in the new series TARDIS set by Character Options)

Ace and the Doctor go Back to Work

Ace, K9, and the Seventh Doctor (in the classic series TARDIS set by Action Figure Theatre)

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