Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Sarah Jane Adventures

This series based on Doctor Who features the Doctor's former companion Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), who traveled with the Third and Fourth Doctors in the 1970s, then met the Tenth Doctor many years later in the episode "School Reunion." The Sarah Jane Adventures is similar in tone to Sarah Jane's original appearances, where she takes the lead as an investigative reporter whose mission is to protect the Earth from alien invaders. The plotlines are relatable for viewers of all ages, with their emphasis on family as well as saving the world. Sarah Jane's young friends Maria, Luke and Clyde show as much initiative as she does in uncovering mysteries in ordinary places like school and a local laser tag arcade. The story "Warriors of Kudlak" is the best yet (with two stories still to watch in the first season), tackling issues like aggression in society, acceptance by others and preservation of the Earth. It is also a fun series to watch, since the main characters are relatable and it is closely linked to Doctor Who and Torchwood. Look for Sarah Jane in series four of Doctor Who, when former companions Captain Jack and Rose also return to the Doctor!

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Jessi said...

I concur with your analysis of Sarah Jane. I like the accessibility of this show along with how it targets family and children. By adding children and keeping the focus on them children and whole families are able to watch and share in the Who verse like never before.