Friday, March 27, 2009

From Twitter 03-26-2009

  • 15:02:15: watched American Idol and Life on Mars on television last night- next week is Life on Mars series finale.
  • 15:18:08: is reading The Oxford Guide to Library Research by Thomas Mann -
  • 15:30:52: is learning a lot about libraries in this college class. Today was about magazines and journals.
  • 15:34:08: last week we watched a BBC program from 1985 about the invention of printing, part of a series called "The Day the Universe Changed."
  • 15:44:45: A Matter of Fact: Printing Transforms Knowledge hosted by James Burke very interesting show w/ 1985 portable computer.
  • 16:11:07: @KFOG1045 just mentioned Twitter on the radio!
  • 16:12:46: is listening to @KFOG1045 radio while twittering, reading @scalzi's blog.
  • 16:34:09: Retweeting @RickySantos: @BarackObama Updates His Twitter!

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