Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Doctor and Donna in an Exciting Adventure with a Cyberman

The TARDIS materializes.

The Doctor and Donna with the TARDIS
The Doctor and Donna Noble begin to explore the area.

Cyberman finds the TARDIS
A Cyberman finds the TARDIS.

The Doctor and Donna
The Doctor and Donna notice the Cyberman and wonder what he is planning.

The Doctor confronts a Cyberman
The Doctor confronts the Cyberman with his Sonic Screwdriver

Dalek and Cyberman face-off
The Dalek and Cyberman face off, and the Dalek beams up to his ship with the Cyberman.

An Ood with the Doctor and Donna
An Ood comes by to thank the Doctor and Donna for their help back on the Planet of the Ood, just missing the Dalek and Cyberman. They are free to enjoy the rest of their vacation.

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