Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Doctor Regenerates in 2009

The Unicorn and the Wasp
Today David Tennant announced he will leave Doctor Who after the special episodes that precede series five.  Russell T. Davies will write his final story for the Tenth Doctor in which he regenerates  into the Eleventh Doctor since 1963.  In his book The Writer's Tale, Davies said that he would like Russell Tovey to take the role, after the actor played Midshipman Frame in the 2007 Christmas special "Voyage of the Damned."  Of course, no replacement for Tennant has yet been announced.  There are still five special episodes for the Tenth Doctor, with the next installment premiering on Christmas 2008.  This announcement came as Doctor Who and David Tennant won National Television Awards in the UK for best drama series and performance.  It's a surprise to find out that Tennant will be leaving so soon, at the height of his popularity as the Doctor, but I look forward to seeing the new directions he will take in his career.

"'Cause you know what, Doctor? You were my Doctor."
(Time Crash)


The Doctor said...

Yeah, it is sad that David Tennant is laeving, he was one of my favourite Doctors, but I am verry exited of the new Doctor and new Companion

Monika E. Lewis said...
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Monika E. Lewis said...

I am also interested in who will be in the show next!