Thursday, September 18, 2008

Doctor Who Magazine and Comic Books

This is the best comic book so far I've read from IDW, with humor and character development with the Doctor and Martha Jones.  There is also a new adventure with the First Doctor, after the Tenth Doctor finds his walkng stick and remembers a trip to Ancient Egypt with Susan, Ian and Barbara.

Today the 400th issue of Doctor Who Magazine is released, with a brilliant cover of David Tennant reading the magazine.  Outpost Gallifrey has a preview of the issue on their news page.  DWM has been published since 1979, and David Tennant says he's been reading since the first issue.  IDW is currently reprinting the comic book stories that have appeared in the magazine since the beginning, and it's fascinating to read the Fourth Doctor adventures along with the new Tenth Doctor stories.  I started reading DWM this year and subscribed after getting some of the back issues from the Alien Entertainment online store.  It's my favorite magazine, that covers the making of the new series as well as lots of features on the classic episodes.  And the comic strip is still telling new stories about the Tenth Doctor.  The previous issue, 399, has a fantastic coda to "Journey's End" with the Doctor and Donna.  I'm looking forward to getting issue 400, and reading Doctor Who Magazine in the future as well.

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