Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Doctor Who Action Figures (BBC Wales Version)

British Flag, Dalek, Ood, Rose, The Master, The Tenth Doctor, The Other Tenth Doctor, The TARDIS, K9, Martha Jones, Welsh Flag, The Fourth Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness, The Seventh Doctor, Cassandra, Robot Spider, Dalek, British Flag Guitar, Bessie, London Taxi

The British and Welsh flags I got on a visit to London and Conwy Castle in 2000, where I also got the London Taxi. This car was made by Matchbox International, Limited in 1986. The yellow car is a model from the Hawk Model Co. in 1963, of a "Hupmobile 1909." The Daleks, The Master, Fourth Doctor, Seventh Doctor and K9 are part of the range made by Dapol, around 1998.

When the new Doctor Who series was announced, Character Options got the license to make action figures of the show's characters. The first one of these I got was the New Earth set, including the Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Cassandra, a Robot Spider, and the New Earth landscape. Next, to commemorate the Series Three finale, I got the set of Electronic Flight Control TARDIS, Martha Jones, The Tenth Doctor, and Captain Jack Harkness. The two Tenth Doctors from these sets both have suits and coats, but the "New Earth" version has white trainers while the TARDIS set one has red trainers. Most recently, after viewing "Planet of the Ood," I got my own Ood to travel with the Doctor. I like the detail on the Character Options figures, and they are good representations of the people on the television program.

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