Monday, July 14, 2008

"Doctor Who" in Portland and Seattle

This is a shop window of a store called Robot I saw on a trip to Portland, Oregon. They have mannequins in the window like Autons, and Daleks!

a restaurant called Rose's in Portland, this references the City of Roses and reminded me of Rose from Doctor Who

Daleks in Seattle!

The Doctor visited the Space Needle too.

I took this picture from the top of the Space Needle with a view of The Science Fiction Museum and Experience Music Project

The Doctor and Rose see the sights in Seattle

The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle has representations of just about every science fiction series, including props, original novels, and pictures as well as interactive videos about science fiction. There are some pictures and props from the classic series of Doctor Who, I saw a picture of the Fourth Doctor with Daleks and a weapon from "The Happiness Patrol."

The music museum has an art installation made up of guitars reaching to the ceiling.

The Space Needle with the Science Fiction Museum.

The Dalek leaves Seattle.

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